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    Sichuan Nanguang Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private company   invested and established by personnel who are specialized in management and   technology during the process of reform of state-owned enterprise. Chengdu   Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau conferred Certificate of Import   and Outport Enterprise of the People’s Republic of China in August, 2001. Then,   in February, 2002, it was awarded the Certificate of High-tech Enterprise by   Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau. The company smoothly obtained the   certificate of Quality Management System (GB/T 19001-2000 idt ISO9001:2000) in   July, 2004.

      The company is in the pursuit of its management conception—redibility,   pragmatism and innovation and its aim is as follows:
                    · Provide   well-qualified product and excellent service for all the users.
                    · Build the   platform for the talents who are eager to achieve their self-worth.
                    ·   Create vigor for enterprise’s development.
                    · Devote fortune for the   society.

      Under the guidance of the aim, the company has collected a group of   managerial and administrative personnel as well as technical talents, who equip   with high quality, forming its own features initially. With the main task of   developing new and high technology industry, the company is in the persistent   pursuit of expanding the market and developing new products. Advanced personnel   policies and distribution give the opportunity and self-value stage for all the   talents who are determined to improve the underdevelopment of China’s equipment   industry, as well as for workers and technicians. The awareness of“Competitive   Products” has been built up in the staff, satisfying customers on products   price, quality, delivery date and after-sale services, etc..

      The commercial mode of the company is Technology Development, Market   Expansion, Precision Machining,Assembly Debugging, and After-sale Services. With   market expansion and technology development as the core, we take full advantage   of social resources available in order to set up the “competitive products”image   of equipment industry. A suite of products vacuum applied technology and   high-standard electro-automation and control technology are the main business,   covering vacuum electrical components industry, display device industry,   electronic component industry, electric light source industry, non-ferrous metal   treatment industry, main or aided processing facilities of package industry.

      The company is located in Long Tan Industrial Zone, Section 2, East 3rd   Ring Road, Chengdu, China, covering an area of 3000 m2 and having more than 70   working staff. It possesses Business Department of Precision Machinery, Business   Department of Industrial Furnace, Business Department of Vacuum Measurement and   Vacuum Processing Facilities, Production & Manufacturing Department and   General Management Department.

      The Business Department of Precision Machinery possesses the research   institute, where eight senior and middle-leveled engineers work for. They have   accumulated rich experiences in designing machinery equipment of color tube   glass production line, electric light source production line, robotistic   packaging equipment, integrated circuit and mask aligner line products. The main   products include neck sealing machine, button machine, pin sealer, grinding   machine, cleaning machine, all kinds of shovel and reversed loader, flare   machine, exhausting machine, laquering machine, slitting machine and exposure   system.

      The Business Department of Industrial Furnace possesses research institute,   where ten senior and middle-leveled engineers and technicians work for. These   people designed and developed a large amounts of equipments for China’s glass   bulb line and assembly line of monochrome and color picture tube. The main   products contain glass panel annealing furnace, glass funnel annealing furnace,   glass bulb annealing furnace, preheating furnace for panel and funnel,   preheating furnace for die and plunger ring, blackening furnace, aperture mask   annealing furnace, hydrogen furnace, exhausting machine, furnace for low   temperature sealing, stabilizing furnace, roasting oven, which are mainly   applied in domestic picture tube and glass bulb assembly production line. The   function and reliability of continuous running of the equipment enable them to gain good   reputation among the users.

      The Business Department of Industrial Furnace also researches and   manufactures other industrial furnace series.

      Horizontal vacuum furnace series is mainly used for heat treatment,   annealing, brazing, sintering and sealing and exhausting. Heat treatment furnace   series is applied for annealing, quenching, tempering, carburizing, brazing and   sintering.
                    Hydrogen furnace series is mainly used for heat treatment,   bright annealing, metalation of ceramic and brazing. Continuous annealing oven   series is applied for annealing and gas-protection annealing of glass (N2orH2),   electronic parts and metal parts
                    There are many other products like   medium-type vacuum furnace, medium-type oil-free vacuum furnace,   high-temperature hydrogen furnace, tantalum high temperature vacuum furnace etc.   in the Industrial Furnace Business Department. The main products in the Business   Department of Vacuum Measurement and Vacuum Processing Facilities are vacuum   gauge line products, magnetron sputtering plant and ion coating machine   etc..

      Production & Manufacturing Department is responsible for manufacturing   and quality control. People working for the department are all once employed by   the large scale enterprises for years, where they received special trainings and   accumulated abundant experiences.

      The company, with an area of 3000 square meters for products’ manufacture   and assembly and necessary process equipments, has more than 30 skilled workers   and technicians who are experienced in product assembling and debugging.

      Since the formation of the company, it has won much support from old and   new users. The contract units are as follows: Japan NEG   Company, Shijiazhuang Color Glass Manufacturer, Dutch Phillips (Nanjing) Color   Display Device Co., Ltd., France Thomson Foshan City Picture Tube Company, Joint   venture of Ancai High-tech Manufacturer and Zhenzhou (Anyang &Phillips),   Shanghai Thomson Electronic Tube Co. Ltd, Shanghai High-tech Radiation Treatment   Equipment Co., Ltd., NO. 613 Research Institute of Luoyang Aerospace Industrial   Company etc..

      The company is opening up the domestic market step by step, and   accelerating the cooperation with its foreign counterparts, so as to prompt the   product export and expand the international market.